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I'd like to build websites.

I'd like to enhance my career.

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Our accelerated learning experience helps you design and code your own beautiful website in a single day.

Learn to Code

You’ll be able to code in HTML5 and CSS3 to start building your own websites.

Learn Web Design

You’ll know how to design beautiful websites and be familiar with web UI and UX design.

Build Websites

We’ll teach you how to code your own websites from scratch and bring your ideas to life.


Web Design in a day.

An immersive day-long experience for anyone seeking to demystify the digital world. The day is designed around your own real-world project: design, build and launch your first website using different technologies including HTML and CSS. Gain the confidence and skills to start your journey as a web designer and go further in your career. From wireframes to user interfaces, web pages to micro-interactions - this is a hands-on coding course you won't want to miss.

Visual Design
Portfolio Project
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"I’ve never thought that coding and design could be explained so easily and simply. What I value most from Jordan’s approach is that he takes it slow to begin with, and doesn’t let jargon stand in the way of understanding for his students."

Alex Burch from SKYCITY Alex Burch - SKYCITY

Skills Focused

No degree necessary

Coding has been referred to as the trade job of the 21st century. Within the digital industry they'll ask to see your portfolio before even considering your resume.


Average salary in NZ*

*Based on the combined median salaries of a Web Designer, Front-end Developer and UX Designer in New Zealand according to


Welcome to the internet

Ever wondered what the world wide web actually is? We take a look at what's happening behind the scenes with a quick overview of web hosting and domains.

Web Design deep dive

Cover the key foundations of visual design. Understand the roles of wireframes, colour theory, typography, spacing and a dash of user experience.

Hands-on Coding

Build confidence with code as we jump right into HTML5 & CSS3 with a modern text editor and how to best organise our files.


Light lunch

Enjoy a nutritious meal to help you mentally prepare for your website project. Here's a great opportunity to network with the other students.

Project Prep

After refreshing your coding skills we catapult straight into building your portfolio piece entirely from scratch. Now that's something to put on your resume!

Finishing touches

Now's your chance to stand out by applying everything you have learned to your custom website. The only limit is your imagination!

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Enhance your Digital Professional Development

There has never been a better time to learn code.

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